November Roundup

Post Date: Dec 1st, 2021 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Refugee Union was founded in 2014 and is Hong Kong’s first refugee-led organisation.  To safeguard refugee rights, we work closely with our community partners to improve the status quo of asylum seekers and refugees.

Activities at a glance

This month has been a fruitful one with many meaningful activities happening in our centre, and we are thrilled to share with you some of them:

On 1/11, we were honoured to host representatives from the Sadhu Vaswani Mission and were grateful to know that they will arrange a series of donations for us soon.  Thank you very much for your generous support!

On 9/11, we were excited to have volunteers from Oneinchvertical organising outdoor sports activities for kids.  They were overjoyed and cannot wait for the next time.

On 10/11, our partner Grassroots Future continued the biweekly knitting class with ladies.  Many thanks to Jessica and fellow volunteers for the long support.

On 18/11, we had the great honour to host representatives from RUN Hong Kong in our centre.  We look forward to collaborating with them soon.

On 20/11, volunteers from CLSA Outreach visited our centre and taught children how to do hand drawn line art tattoos.  Thank you for having us in mind.

On 25/11, we were delighted to have Kayla and her friends from the German Swiss International School bringing a painting class for kids.  We all had great fun.

Thanks also go to teachers and students from the Chinese International School for delivering science and music classes for kids on 26/11 and 27/11.  We learned a lot with joy.

Giving is a blessing

This month we received donations of wide-ranging items, which include but are not limited to food, clothes, baby’s items, furniture, and other necessities.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt gratitude to all Donors for lending us a helping hand.  Your support means a lot to us.  As always, we promise to deliver all donations we received to our members who are in need.

Please stay tuned to our official website and social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) for the updates.  You are also welcome to contact us by visiting our office or sending us an email at for any enquiry.

Thank you for supporting our initiatives and we look forward to hearing from you!