Refugees in Hong Kong desperately need cash


We need your help because we are unable to earn and can’t survive on official support

No jobs

Refugees here are prohibited by law from working. Those caught are routinely sentenced to 15 months imprisonment.

The government provides us with $3200 per month in assistance. That’s $1500 rent, $1200 food coupons, $300 utilities, $200 transport.

These amounts haven’t been adjusted with inflation since 2014.

No provisions

There is no provision for essentials like clothing, personal care, baby products, telecoms we need to function in modern society.

No bank accounts

We can’t even open a bank account to accept donations because Refugee Union is a refugee-led society and we don’t have ID cards.

Here’s what your donation supports

40% financial aid, 30% housing aid, 15% classes, 10% school aid, 5% operating costs

Refugees are ordinary people trying to cope with extraordinary hardship

We’re here because we faced persecution, torture and violence in our home countries.

Imagine having to leave your home and loved ones to escape for your life. It’s a terrible choice that’s never made lightly!

photos of refugee women and children posing for the camera

Your contribution will go a long way in our world.

You are warmly welcomed to drop by our centre to learn more.

Thank you for your concern and support.

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