August Roundup

Post Date: Sep 18th, 2019 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Refugee Union Hong Kong was founded in 2014 with the visions to safeguard asylum seekers and refugees’ fundamental rights, to improve their current condition and to optimise their future prospects. Since our establishment, we have been working closely with our committed volunteers and organising different activities to actualise our members’ psychological and social well-being.


On 2 August, we are grateful to receive donations of baby diapers from Ms. Kelly Jang. Thank you very much!


On 10 August, we are grateful to receive donations of furniture from our kind-hearted donor. Thank you very much!



On 14 August, we are grateful to receive donations of daily necessities, including shampoo, soap, shower gels and other items from Nesbitt Centre Hong Kong. Thank you very much!


This month we are thankful to have students from the Hong Kong Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Services Association partnering with us and organising different activities for our members, including Tai O Fishing Village Cultural Tour and Tai Po City Hunt. Through these events we have gained a better understanding about the culture of Hong Kong as well as Chinese societies. Thank you these passionate young people for bringing us a fruitful summer!


Every Saturday we are honoured to have Dr. Terrence Shum from the Open University of Hong Kong coming to our office and teaching our adult members Cantonese. Thank you Dr. Shum for your continuous support to our community despite of a packed schedule and busy work in academia! Respect!


Meanwhile, we also have Canadian Tutoring Session organised by students from Canadian International School of Hong Kong on every Saturday, with a group of committed senior-year students coming, teaching kids school assignments and assisting them in doing revision. Thank you for young people’s efforts again!

Though Hong Kong is now in a difficult time, we as usual serving with sincerity, pursuing a better society with justice and fairness for everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Please visit our office for more information. Again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all donors and volunteers who stand with us. Keep visiting our website and Facebook for the latest information. For enquiry, please don’t hesitate to visit our office or email us at