Celebrating art and painting by refugee children

Post Date: Oct 13th, 2018 | Categories: RU updates, programs, events | COMMENT

The celebration at the Hive in Aberdeen was a great event which was organised in collaboration with Mini Acts For Greater Good. It promoted universal art and painting skills at a high level of integration in all refugee kids. Many families together with their kids attended, showed an enthusiastic mood greatly interested in exercising practically by an exhibition of the children art and painting skills. The art and painting had no boundaries: some participants were from Greece, Syria, Pakistan, German, Hong Kong local kids and ( ” Refugee Union Hong Kong Kids”). However, natural talent cannot be hidden by immigration status, it reveals its self anywhere it can be expressed; let it be in a camp, on street, in hotel, homes and in any community at any age. What it requires is time, freedom and social support. Thank you Hong Kong for helping us. 

Art exhibition