Crowdfunding for “Refugees Helping Refugees”

Post Date: Sep 12th, 2021 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

The Refugee Union is the only organization where refugees help refugees. We registered as a society in 2014 to connect the asylum community with supporting residents and operate from a centre in Sheung Wan where members and supporters meet and collaborate. We believe that together we stand strong!

Refugee Union is made of a thousand members from 30 countries, including 200 children. Our services are greatly limited by the donations we receive. We mainly support families as they are the most vulnerable and in need of greater assistance. 

The monthly welfare for a refugee is: $1500 for rent, $1200 for food, $300 for utilities and $200 for transport to government appointments. No support is given for clothes, shoes, home fitting, cooking, cleaning, medicines and phones. Imagine, how do you cook food without a stove and pots? How do you help crying babies without diapers? How do you find longterm shelter with $1500 monthly? Refugees live below the poverty line and we cannot work under threat of 15 to 22 months in prison. 

We plead for your cash donations to make ends meet. It is practically impossible to live without money in a city where everything has a price tag. We have designed four tables to explain how we spend the money we are lucky enough to receive. See 

Through the Refugee Union we have the opportunity to reach out directly to you for assistance. We would be most grateful if you could contribute to this fundraiser so that we can support more refugees and show that many Hongkongers understand our predicament and are willing to assist.

You are warmly welcome to visit our centre and learn more about the predicament in which we live. As refugees can’t open bank accounts, we appointed the registered charity “Drink For Justice” to receive and disburse these funds to us in full. This platform collects no fees either.

Please share this crowdfunding page with your friends and on social media as it is the best way to spread the word and raise awareness. We believe that together we are stronger!

For these reasons we humbly appeal for your financial help!