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A warm Merry Christmas from the Refugee Union Hong Kong! At the end of the year, December has been the busiest but most meaningful month at our office. As usual, with the support of our kind-hearted volunteers and committed members, we continue to strive for a better living for refugees and to promote their well-being, despite the increasing challenges and difficulties imposed on us by the government.


First of all, on behalf of our members, who are asylum seekers and refugees, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to all our donors who always stand by us and support our community – THANK YOU!

We are grateful for Madam Merlin donation of forty boxes of “Pet Pet” diapers to our refugee families. Thank you very much! These are essential items that are badly needed by our mothers who do not receive them from the Government and have no money as prohibited from working. (The Sentencing guideline is 22 months imprisonment!)

Pet Pet

We are grateful to have the Crafty Charity Hong Kong donated well-designed blankets to our refugee families. Babies can keep warm in cold winter. Thank you very much!


We are grateful to have the Hong Kong Football Club and the Hong Kong Tennis Society donated Christmas gifts to our children who participated in the Music Group. The Children are overjoyed. Thank you very much!


We are grateful to have the donations of daily necessities from Foodlink. Thank you very much!

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We are grateful to receive donations of boxes of hope and snacks from Eva. Thank you very much!

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To celebrate Christmas and New Year, we had a party with our donors, volunteers and members on 22 December at our office. It was a great opportunity for us to show our thankfulness for their continuous support and understanding. Participants enjoyed ethnic cuisine and sang Christmas carols together. All of us had fun, thank you for coming!




On a weekly basis, we offer a series of classes for refugees of different ages. These ongoing activities do not only provide opportunities for our members to learn, but also to socialise, allowing them to escape the oppressive routine of feeling like prisoners-in-the-city without the opportunity to work and contribute.

Every Saturday, we have talented volunteers come and hold Music Session for our refugee kids at our office. They teach our children to sing and to play with musical instruments.

Music Session

We also have the Canadian Tutorial Session on every Saturday at our office, with a group of passionate volunteers to teach refugee children school assignments and help them to prepare for tests and examinations.


Last but not least, the Cultural Diversity Playgroup at our office targets both refugee parents and babies. Participants can make new friends and learn useful skills during these lessons. They all share joyful moments. We may consider reflecting on the Lottery of Life: children do not chose the families they are born into!

Play Group

Members who are interested in the above programs, please visit our office for more information. Again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all donors and volunteers who stand with us through these troubling times and make our community stronger. Keep visiting our website and Facebook for the latest information. For enquiries, please don’t hesitate to email

Happy New Year!