Donate your government voucher

Post Date: Jul 29th, 2021 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Dear Donors,
if you are considering a charitable use for the $5,000 Consumption Voucher Scheme, please support the Refugee Union ????
Refugees in Hong Kong struggle below the poverty line with insufficient government assistance while prohibited from working under threat of 22 months in jail ????‍♀️
You could really help us by:
1. Transferring cash to “Drink For Justice”
2. Buying Octopus cards
3. Buying diapers and baby formula
4. Donating supermarket coupons
5. Donating cash at our centre
Your donation will be processed through the registered charity “Drink For Justice” whose team supports Refugee Union since our beginning in 2014 ????????
Name: Drink For Justice
Bank: HSBC
Account: 741-200323-838
Thank you in advance ????