Drink For Justice April: “Pour Amour”

Post Date: Apr 10th, 2018 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT


“This month Drink for Justice shines the spotlight on love, friendships and relationships at the highly anticipated all-you-can-drink “Dating for Justice”! Come join the loving excitement at the most intriguing DFJ to-date. Games, fun and much more will be on offer in a relaxed romantic atmosphere at “La Vin” – Central’s premiere wine-tasting venue.”

Come join us on Thursday April 19, 2018 from 6:30-9 PM at:

La Vin Wines and Petit Cucina

Basement, Yuen Yick Building

27 & 29 Wellington Street


For a small donation ($200 early bird or $250 at the door) you are welcome to join in this exciting drinks free-flow event; meet like-minded people; and share stories of equality, indifference and justice.

All the proceeds will go to support charity organization Refugee Union.

Early bird tickets are on sale till 12 April.


This event is supported by ACT Africa Coffee & Tea

For more information, please visit drinkforjustice.org or if you would like to help plan the next event, email friends@drinkforjustice.org.


**Current donations requested by refugees: rice-cookers, diapers for babies, and laptops. Rice-cookers and laptops used in good condition are welcome as well. Thank you in advance for your support!**

Donors are welcome to make cash donations at Drink for Justice for this express purpose. Donors may also bring donations to Refugee Union headquarters during the week. Please email info@refugeeunion.org if you would like to drop off your donation to support the refugee community of Hong Kong. Thank you!