Lockdown Emergency Food Drive

Post Date: Feb 21st, 2022 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Dearest Donors, we need your help ????
We have received the sane HK$40 daily food allowance from the Hong Kong Government since January 2014, for which we are grateful. However, the electronic food cards may only be used at Park’n’Shop which is obviously more expensive than Kai Bo marts, 759 stores and the cheaper wet markets around town.
Prices at Park’n’Shop are skyrocketing … for example:
a. 8Kg of rice was $86 but it now $113
b. a box of pasta was $14 but is now $24
c. a can of sardines was $12 but is now 28
d. a bag of choisam was $12 but is now $24
e. three packs of milk were $45 but are now $59
f. a carrot was $4 but is now $9
g. a cucumber was $12 but is now $38
If possible, please help us buy some of the groceries listed below. These are essential items that are out of our reach. Your help will go a long way in feeding our families. Sadly we are beggars as we are not allowed to work. Our opportunities are limited since we have no money in our wallets and churches / NGOs are either struggling with resources or closed by Covid-19 infections. A partner’s monthly grocery donation was cancelled yesterday! ????

Here is a suggested donation of twelve items we need the most and suitable for all cultures and religions:

  1. Bag of Rice
  2. Box of Pasta / Noodles
  3. Bottle of Cooking oil
  4. Canned tuna / sardines
  5. Canned beans / soup
  6. Bag of instant noodles
  7. Box of UHT Milk
  8. Biscuits and crackers
  9. Fresh vegetables
  10. Fresh fruits
  11. Toilet paper / tissue
  12. Panadol Extra as refugees also get sick ????

You are most welcome to deliver to our centre anytime during opening hours:

Address: Unit E, 2/F., Lee Fung Building, 315-319 Queen’s Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Time: 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays
Contact: Mr Ibrahim
WhatsApp: 9828 7176

Delivery may be arranged in person, by courier, Deliveroo, SF Express, Gogo van or directly by the supermarket????

Frankly, cash donations are most flexible as we can then buy at local groceries the ethnic products that we eat at the cheapest prices – thank you for your understanding.

To support us with cash please visit our crowdfunding program here: https://bit.ly/3qYFq5u

The registered charity “Drink For Justice” will issue tax-deductible receipts for cash donations above $200.

Please share this post with friends and on social media as word of mouth is best to raise awareness for us ✅

Thank you from the heart for being there in our moment of need! ????