Post Date: Mar 4th, 2019 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

Kung Hei Faat Choi (恭喜發財)! We wish all of you the best in the Year of Pig. This February, our Refugee Union Hong Kong office continue to serve the community of asylum seekers and refugees with our committed volunteers, despite of the Lunar New Year holidays.


We would like to express our gratitude to Madam Emma for donating our babies with ten boxes of Wildalp Austria Water. Thank you very much!



On 16 February, we are glad to have volunteers from Canadian School and Korean Student Service Community (KOSMOS) joining us and organising a Joint Tutorial Session for our kids. Young tutors are passionate to teach and humble to learn from each other. We are looking forward to welcoming them again!


Meanwhile, on the same day, we have volunteers from the Justice Leaders’ Council holding an education campaign for our young refugees. They will be teaching Cantonese in the coming weeks. Thank you for their generous support and we are looking forward to seeing them again!



On a weekly basis, our office still offers a series of classes targeting the asylum seekers and refugees with different age groups. These ongoing activities do not only provide opportunities for our members to learn, but also socialise and to let them get out of the oppressive routine of feeling like prisoners-in-the-city without the opportunity to work and to contribute.

Every Saturday, we have the Canadian Tutorial Session in our office, with a group of passionate volunteers from Canadian School teaching our children school assignments and assisting them to do revision.


Members who are interested in the above programmes, please visit our office for more information. Again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all donors and volunteers who stand with us. Keep visiting our website and Facebook for the latest information. For enquiry, please don’t hesitate to visit our office or email us at info@refugeeunion.org.