Refugee Union Presentation to The University Of Hong Kong

Post Date: Mar 29th, 2016 | Categories: Advocacy, Personal Experiences, Refugee Community | COMMENT

Appreciation on behalf of Refugees in Hong Kong, I would like to extend our sincere thanks to Hong Kong Government for the protection and support given to individuals from the time of arrival and up to the moment. Though in some areas the government need to improve in that to meet daily life basic needs.

Due to gender issues, I would like to start with increasing of criminals in Hong Kong by a categorized group as refugees , this is being caused  by people trying to find a way of self-sustenance on basic needs e.g. ;  some guys sell drugs  and being used  by some of local people to carry on this business .

The question is where do refugees get drugs when they cannot go out of HK?

Women are being used by boyfriends to expand on this business in selling drugs.

Then at the end police catch and jail them.

The number of refugees in Hong Kong has increased considerably, this because the screening system [USM] has failed to identify and separate between the genuine refugees and the fake ones. Hong Kong being a signatory to the UN Torture Convention that it ratified in 1992, however it does not resettle refugees in its territory.

Refugee Union strives to unify all refugees in Hong Kong despite their differences in race, nationality and religion to achieve a harmonious society of just men and women.

Reasons Why Refugees Come to Hong Kong.

Running away from Wars

Political persecution

Religious persecution

Threats of Torture / Torture


Challenges Faced by Refugees in Hong Kong

Lack of Education Opportunities

Inadequate rental assistance from the Government.

Inadequate Utilities assistance.

Lack of enough Food to eat.

Lack of quality Medical care.

Slow Screening of Claims without defined time frame.

Lack of enough transport allowance.

Continuous interviews which has a toll in our lives, this causes stress.

Long wait for those accepted before resettlement.

Discrimination- lack of inclusiveness in the society


Limitations of Refugees in Hong Kong

Lack of legal status. They have immigration papers not ID

Children are not given ID in Hong Kong

Children when complete high class not allowed to go for further education

No, trained in any skill, no profession, guidance in career, cannot join any institution as they lack financial muscle.

Difficult to open bank accounts.


Allow refugees to work

Issue ID cards to refugees

Stop Discrimination

Stop Government propaganda saying that all refugees are criminals, drug dealers

Integrate refugees in the society.

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