Help the Refugee Union fundraise through your network

Post Date: Apr 22nd, 2023 | Categories: Advocacy | COMMENT

We are grateful for the support of Simply Giving and excited to deploy their fundraising tools. We appreciate that our donor base is our strength and wish to leverage “peer-to-peer” fundraising to broaden our services and make them more sustainable and consistent through the year.

If you are reading this post, then you know about the Refugee Union and hopefully believe that what we do is meaningful both for our members and for Hong Kong at large. If the government offered adequate support, then our humanitarian efforts would be less impactful, but we all know the truth. 

Our objective is to leverage crowdfunding into a community effort that will support more refugee families. Since we started online fundraising, we have been blessed by the generous support of hundreds of donors. The challenge is: How can we expand our donor base through broader networks? 

Simply Giving offer an easy-to-deploy fundraising toolkit that will amplify the collective effort. Your story is important to appeal to friends and colleagues who will help. By setting achievable targets we can develop “peer-to-peer” fundraising by individuals, pairs, groups of friends and corporate teams. We lead by example, so tell your friends why you care about the Refugee Union’s mission. 

The next step is the most important: reach out and send the fundraising link to at least 15-20 people that are most likely to take action. You can send personal emails, WhatsApp messages and post on social media to kickstart your campaign. Your social media network is a great place to raise awareness. 

Thank you for your support!

Click here to download the “Fundraising Toolkit”!